Artist Statement

Exploring the subliminal and attempting to reveal the clandestine have always been at the core of both my professional and artistic journey. This pursuit has simultaneously inspired and enriched my past career as an entrepreneur and a researcher, as well as my visual artwork submersion of today. That’s probably how figurative representation never strongly pulled me whenever I held the brush. When I paint with oil, acrylics or mixed media, I’m almost always unintentionally drawn to abstraction, where I find myself trying to achieve an “atmosphere” in which energy is conveyed, even if the work seems unfinished. As I paint, my thoughts float around the concealed and this is where I feel observers’ fantasies would head as they view the artwork; going to places that are not easily reached but only there would the actual encounter begin and the aesthetic mystery with all its wonder may appear.

Peter Zahnd

© 2017 Peter Zahnd ⎪

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